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EVE is a big place, a really big place. Going from one end of the galaxy to the other not only takes an incredible amount of time, but it is also filled with numerous dangers. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself lost, surrounded, and a frozen testament to the power of missiles. Sure, there is that little in game map that you have to zoom into, plan your route, and then hope all is peachy along the way. However, it is confusing trying to navigate an escape route in three dimensions when it's you, your ore, and some angry rebel outlaws who just decided to say hello.

Though we are no where near a soothing voice telling us to "Warp to KLY-CO gate, avoid war zone, destination on right," we will soon have a booklet of useful maps to navigate by. What is so massively awesome about this? The maps are strategic maps. Want to put a mechanical parrot on your shoulder and pirate? They can tell you where useful choke points are. Want to PvP? Head down to a certain system and let loose the dogs of war. Want to mine peacefully while listening to Mozart? Go ahead and check out a few ice fields in empire. The maps should help get you to your destination easily and safely. If not, we still have clone vats and insurance to fall back on.

EVE Online - ilgas žaidimas. Čia įgudžiai treniruojami realiu laiku, o ne pergalių skaičiumi ar iškastos rūdos kiekiu. Norint tapti neblogu žaidėju prireiks nuo trijų mėnesių iki pusės metų - už kuriuos teks mokėti internetu, pinigais, laiku. Žinoma visus pusę metų nuobodžiauti neteks - visada galima jausti pilnavertį fun.

Visas žaidimas, visos misijos ir aprašymai žaidime yra išskirtinai tik anglų kalba. Nemoki angliškai? Nemoki naudotis vertėjais(žodynais)? Apie žaidimo sulietuvinimą niekas net nekalbės. Žinoma, yra žaidime lietuviški kanalai ir kalbasi ten lietuviškai.

EVE Online įpatumai:

EVE Online tai didžiausia virtuali visata pasaulyje, greičiausiai besiplečiantis masiško daugelio žaidėjų tinkle(MMPOG) žanro žaidimas. Veiksmas vykstantis tūkstančius metų ateityje, EVE yra kvapą gniaužianti kelionė į žvaigždes, įtraukiantys nuotykiai, turtai, pavojai ir šlovė.

•Masiškas daugelio žaidėjų tinkle žaidimas (MMPOG)
•Daugiau kaip 5,000 epinių saulės sistemų vienoje visatoje
•Dinamiška žaidėjų valdoma ekonomika
•Iškirtinis įgudžių treniravimas atsijungus
•Nepalyginamas žaidimo visapusiškumas
•Nemokami žaidimo tęsiniai ir patobulinimai kartu su prenumerata

Eve Online ISK (The Inter Stellar Currency) is the currency in Eve. The value of Eve ISK goes up and down according to the demand and supply rules. Eve ISK can be earned by usual mining, running trade route and manufacturing ships. Some optional ways to earn Eve ISK are guarding miner or trade runner in deep space or hunting down pirates and claiming the bounty. Others prefer the opposite, being the pirates themselves and earn more lucrative income. Players spend Eve ISKs to get better equipment, skills, insurance and etc. Often, players look for alternatives to buy Eve Online currency with real money from farmers.

Eve Online ISK Guides
Aside from buying EVE ISK directly, there's always the option to get a decent guide and head out acquiring it yourself. Admittedly, this doesn't compete with the speed and convenience you get when purchasing the ISK directly. On the other side it offers some peace of mind since you don't have to worry about your account and risks associated with the transaction. In a worst case scenario, you are out of the money you spent, but don't suffer any warnings or account suspensions (unless of course you take advantage of bugs and exploits). Unlike World of Warcraft, there is only a limited number of guides available for Eve Online. Killer Guides offers an ISK guide that received decent feedback so far it seems. Other alternatives include a number of free guides posted on EVE forums and communities. Having the definite advantage of being free, the drawback is that it's rather scattered and sometimes provides a lot of conflicting information. In the end, it's up to you what you pick.

EVE Online is an open-ended Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). Most other MMORPGs focus on a structured playing style with predictable outcomes and monotonous leveling. This seemingly innocent fact is why EVE is so different from almost all other MMORPGs, as the players have an incredible impact on how the game develops.

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"The space MMOG EVE Online, where mining rock plays a big part of the economy, has recently been hit by a huge in-game scam. The aftermath of the EIB scam... was 700 Billion ISK, which might raise some $119,000 USD if sold on Ebay. (The current conversion rate is 100M ISK to 18 USD.) These events have prompted claims of player deaths, death threats, and speculation about What Would You Do With 700 Billion ISK?"

Slashdot | EVE Online Rocked by 700 Billon ISK Scam23 Aug 2006 ... EVE Online Rocked by 700 Billon ISK Scam -- article related to Role ... feel free to steal this idea and try to make some isk with it.) ...

100000000 isk Autominer Eve-Online Macro Mining Bot | GameolosophyAutomated mining guide for the Game Eve-Online. ... It's an easy-to-use mining bot designed to get some free isk in afk. I get about 80-100kk a day. ...

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| EVE Online Rocked by 700 Billon ISK Scam
23 Aug 2006 ... EVE Online Rocked by 700 Billon ISK Scam -- article related to Role ... feel free to steal this idea and try to make some isk with it.) ...

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A last minute attempt to arrange an 8 billion isk ransom for the ship fell .... As with all of the EVE Online expansions the Dominion patch is free to ...
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WHAT IS CCP?CCP was founded in the summer of 1997 with the goal of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game company.

With the launch of EVE Online in May 2003, CCP has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field, winning numerous awards and receiving critical acclaim worldwide. CCP has a consistent history of integrating hardware and developing software that is on the cutting edge of technology.

CCP is a company dedicated to the development of progressive virtual worlds, and it is founded on the principle of pushing the envelope and breaking new grounds on all levels. CCP is not about making copycat products with compromised quality.

CCP is about making dreams become a reality, and we excel at that task because CCP is more than just a workplace. It is a driving force powered by the momentum of hundreds of motivated people.

WHAT IS EVE ONLINE?EVE Online is a massively multiplayer space-based virtual reality. Its design is one that fosters experiences unattainable in any other form of media, where true human interaction and true human emotions can be shared and experienced in a living and evolving world.

It is CCP’s belief that massively multiplayer games are the biggest revolution in computer gaming history and CCP is dedicated to making the dream of a true virtual reality come into being. EVE Online has sustained continuous growth since its release in 2003. The players all co-exist on one server, in one game world.

This means that all players can interact with one another if they choose to do so. It also means that if you are famous in EVE Online, you are known by the entire EVE community, not by the population of one game server.

Both the technical design of EVE Online and the emergent social behavior of its community have been praised and studied by scholars and industry professionals across the globe.

WORLDS IN THE WORKSIn November 2006, CCP Games merged with White Wolf Publishing, unifying the creative minds and world-building talents of both teams.

We are currently in development of an entirely new breed of virtual world; one that offers a level of immersion and social interaction that will usher in a new age of virtual worlds and online gaming.

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Guide to Trading in Eve Online | Eve Online Fansite25 May 2006 ... The hanger bay workers, technicians, and robotic cargo loaders were .... At first glance you might see a buy order for 700 ISK somewhere ...

All about EVE and getting even [the MMORPG]16 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 17 Jun 2009
But you can go to E-Bay, type "EVE," or "ISK," into the search feature, and discover what the dollar (black-market) value of (EVE)ISK ...

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EVE Online - yra internetinis žaidimas vaidmenimis ( MMORPG ) fantastiniame, besitesiančiame pasaulyje. Žaidėjai, dalyvaujantys kosminių laivų pilotais, siekia visuotino pripažinimo, sėkmės ir nuotykių plačioje, kompleksinėje, nenuspėjamoje ir kartais priešiškoje galaktikoje.
Žaidimas vyksta nežinomoje visatoje. Pasaulį sudaro apie 7,000 saulės sistemų. Kuomet EVE buvo išleista 2003 m. gegužę, tyrinėti galima buvo apie puse visų šių sistemų, taip leidžiant žaidėjams nustatyti ‘vertingas vietas’ – centralizuotus prekybos taškus, komercijos bei kovines – priklausomai nuo veiklos. Augant EVE populiacijai, norint išvengti perpildymo, buvo didinamas saulės sistemų kiekis.
EVE turi turi turiningą istoriją ir unikalų scenarijų, sukurtą specialiai žaidimui. Istorijoje, arba ‘kūrinio pradžioje’, detalizuojamas atradimas natūralios juodosios skyles, jungiančios nepažintos visatos erdves. Buvo sukurti vartai, leidžiantys tyrinėtojams keliauti tarp senojo ir naujojo pasaulio kol portalas netyčia užsidarė, atskirdamas naujakūrius nuo civilizuotos Žemės galktikos.
Išgyvenusių šios nepalankios aplinkos kančiose pasekoje, iškilo į valdžią penkios nacijos, su savais savitumais, politinėmis bei religinėmis pažiūromis, savotiškomis stiprybėmis bei silpnybėmis. Šios penkios nacijos diktavo valdžios balansą. Prabėgus konfliktų ir karų kartoms, žaidėjai patenka į EVE kuomet bendra politinė situacija tarp imperijų panaši į taiką, nors ir sukaustytą ir kartais labiau pažeidžiamą.

EVE Online

Eve online the space mmorpg

Eve online is a space mmorpg that utilizes crafts of different varieties that allow players to battle amongst each other. There are a variety of different space vessels to choose from. Players will have 3 distinctly different classes to choose from. Each class can be upgraded with EVE ISK. EVE ISK is the online currency for eve online. This currency can be used to purchase a variety of different items that allow players to survive in PvP battles all over the universe. Each vessel can be outfitted with weapons and armor upgrades as EVE ISK becomes available.

EVE ISK can be purchased from a variety of different sources within the game and outside the game. Players can BUY EVE ISK from other players or even external websites that sell EVE ISK for low prices. EVE ONLINE ISK is difficult to earn especially for certain classes. Therefore it is recommended that players search forEVE ISK FOR SALE. EVE ISK BUYS are not rare. Many players resort to EVE ISK BUYS regularly to ensure that they maintain an edge within the game.

Eve online isk is one of the most unique mmorpgs available to players of the online genre. It is based on a single server that allows all players to join together and create a large-scale online PvP community. EVE online is one of the greatest mmorpgs of modern times.