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How to get money without anything - from this site attendance

Is it possible to get money only from the web site and do not be disposed of? Which means it can be done only by placing advertising banners, or are there any options? If there is, how effective are they?

Not one of the most asked questions: put the project immediately paid hosting, or hosting taught to use? And how often painful transition to another hosting?

Get the money from the site do not be disposed of is not possible. Need to sell, what and how here is another question. If you do not sell their product advertising. In advertising you can sell links on your website.

Usually a good site, blog links can earn about 20 lt during the week. While speaking of here, good websites, blogs, owners of 20 zł is pennies, you deserve more!

Another option - to become the online shopping partner, but this requires a good target audience.

There are two basic rules, if you want to sell advertising on their sites:

1st Your website / blog to be visited, say, not least 1000 unique visitors.
2nd You need to have a target audience that you understand and know what you sell. If you think the placement of IT promotion, your website and must be IT. If you'll promote a DVD of your audience and the site must be geared to young people.

By the way how Ironically, if you are able to write a book, they are selling over the Internet, will bring much more revenue than advertising sales.

The hosting service. Power is what the uncle had said: If you're doing a serious project, we will use this training for hosting. Yes you can use the hosting lhosting taught, or 33 už com, but remember there is one fairly big negative that happens, you run a blog in a purely formal owner of the real evil is the one who gives you these hosting services. If you want to make a blog, where to advertise my services. This nusipikite hosting it, place Wordpress.

The minimum cost that should be oriented, or poor site maintenance would be around 130 EUR per year.

I wish you success in making money online

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How to get money without anything - from this site attendance
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