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An online business-confession

It turns out there are a number of people and companies are now engaged in the development of web pages. And they say much more worthwhile to create 100 web pages which will bring in 100 pl, or one who earns 100,000 €. belonged to a cost of 100 web sites will be higher.

Why is this so? Well it appears that your sole risk website papula to black list of search engines (Google) are much higher than that with 100 links. So if Google užbanins and that half of your Web site, you can still make a profit, but what happens if you only Gogle užbanins casting golden hen eggs? Thus, money and nerves, etc. Dog goes on the tail.

With 100 sites (the system), the same themes can be sold much larger company than about the amount of which ye may suppose earned over 10 years. Unbelievable? And it appears the U.S. is that many companies only Tuomas and engaged.

In practice, a network of such sites (the system), total amount you can bring about 100x100x12x10 ═ 1,200,000 EUR Clearly here the ideal case. Normally such a network is about 50 000. One interpretation of a million profit emergence. Such a system is a Web site takes about a year. Here's the arithmetic for you.

The question is why the company buys millions of such sites can make the system itself? The answer is simple, buy a lot easier than creating the same. This is similar to the business establishment. If you're Microsoft and want to įlysti additives for offices on-line market to displace Google, then you can write a program for a year releasing a need of 1 million EUR or buy today for 10 million €. What you choose in such a competition? Microsoft thus no matter how much it will issue 1 million or 10 million, but the time - that's what's important. Money irrelevant.

Here exactly the same. Do you know why the U.S. payment system (bank Web E-Bank) Paypal is the leader in its field and has left all its competitors far away? Just bought the system they now can not remember a Russian from Ukrainian. And then bought it on eBay and it was actually a defect settlement on the Internet.

In the same way as did Bill Geits, bought DOS. Well then it according to the time the money is paid big money, but time and actually won the war graduated from the operational systems, thereby significantly multiplied their mites.

Many ask, but where do get the 50 thousand of such a project? And I'm wondering? The right expression is interesting not so much the amount but the same option to increase the money in 2000 per cent.
Here comes a series of underwater currents. In particular, this business and has its limits, yet no one to get over 1-2 million. Second is a significant risk. Because it is clear that not everyone is online websites can earn. It does not matter that everything is automated, but if someone from the owners of search engines užuos commercial site that is used to increase site traffic patterns (visitors) to do so as soon as užbanins and all of your investment will go on a dog tail.

Many beginners so happens, they lose a lot of money and most importantly the time. Because the system is often the trigger that the mere appearance of the final version of the spam and of course nobody wants to buy. So here's the necessary experience. And we need a number of mites that create decent system that can generate thematic sites.
It is clear that the way to make the Internet not the best for beginners. But try dear readers, then tell you what to whom and how to come out ...

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An online business-confession

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