Praleisti valdymą.

Where is the money ?

You read the title and think, Well, finally I found a link which will be specified where the money is, or how to say a very quick and easy to say in one night to earn thousands of dollars?

Any specific ideas I'll definitely nepasufleruosiu. Well you want a good idea?

Here's an idea for you, make a clone copy of the web site or and išreklamuokite him at least to levels similar to insert adsense and work.
And not tell my pet blog blog (journal) can not be found or not on this site prepared schemes to make money online  Or go to any web site to earn as much money as you need, you do clone, you make your own clever advertising campaign and move on.

The truth lies beyond. After all, the project can be done, any benefits to the people if you do not visit a bad web site?

It is for this reason, the outsider with so many cool projects.

It's simple - a leader of people and it is fully sufficient. How do you galvojat why many rock groups fail to reach heights?

Why is Metallica but not any pasisiekimo Meškuičių rural group?

In order to enter the market is not enough simply to copy the idea - need an original idea. So why you need a group that plays Metalica style, after all, Metalica already?

It's the same with websites. You can clearly reach some sort of equal, but it is significantly different from the advertised web page.

But that does not mean that the ideas worth copying. Otherwise today Bill Geico assets and Stivo Dzobo differ violently and in opposite directions. Who remembers the story is simply Gates took the ideas from Apple, and copied. Here are the most important:

1st Copy should be up to the moment when this idea has acquired weapons of mass recognition. Otherwise, the success of virtually zero.
2nd The idea needs to be improved. In this case, your competitor has advertised to you is something original, which is unique to helping you įlysti in that niche. Click here to remember Google. They took the idea of improved, streamlined and left it somewhere far away all the competition.

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